26 de abril de 2011

Los oprimidos

Oppression of humans causes much of the mistreatment of other animals, and the awful treatment of other animals fuels human exploitation. (...) This book will maintain that those involved in any one liberation movement should realize their entanglement with all other oppressed groups and their common purpose. We will see that Suzanne Pharr's insight -"to eliminate one oppression successfully, a movement has to include work to eliminate them all or else success will always be limited and incomplete"- must be expanded to include the liberation of other animals.
David Nibert, Animal rights, Human rights, 2002, pág. 5.

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RespuestasVeganas.Org dijo...

Hola Hugo,

¿Te lo estás leyendo? Tiene que estar interesante.


Hugo dijo...

Leer, lo que se dice leer, no. Google libros no da para mucho. Faltan muchas páginas y la lectura se hace muy incómoda. Estoy picoteando, se podría decir ;o)